S:2 Episode 9: The Journey to Cruz Country With Armando Cruz


Armando Cruz is a connoisseur of experiences, husband, father, adventurer, best selling author, ultra-marathoner, lifestyle physical therapist, and legacy coach.  Armando helps growth-minded, men and women understand and eliminate chronic pain and optimize their 7 Healths: Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Relational, Financial, Environmental, and Adventure. Armando’s unique approach helps strip away the clutter both internally and externally to free you from pain and provide you a plan to thrive.  

He is the creator of the Cleanse & Renewal Program, the Modern Man Virtual Summit, and the R.I.C.H. Man Experience. He is the co-owner of Cruz Country Fitness & Physical Therapy with his wife, Christian.  

Armando has climbed mountains, run over 100 miles in a day in swamps filled with snakes and alligators, has lived out of his car, and has rollerbladed and surfed in hurricanes but his biggest adventure has been fatherhood.  

He is the proud dad of three amazing children and has been married for over 14 years to his beautiful wife, Christian.

In this episode we discuss:

Where Armando grew up

What sports he was active in

Where he learned hard work from

Starting his business

A breaking point

His journey overseas

His book and what it’s all about

Connect with Armando:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cruzarmando/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/acruz3/

Book: http://www.legacycodebook.com

Website: http://www.cruzcountry.com

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